"Vin Santo Colli dell’Etruria Centrale Doc"

Emotion: Enchanting sweetness.


It’s a typical and unique Tuscan wine made by a selection of native white grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia. In line with the ancient tradition, the best bunches of grapes are selected by hand-picked (at the right maturation grade) on Septemper and left to dry on racks until December/January, so gentle pressing produces a harmonious must with a high sugar concentration. Aged in small oak kegs (Caratelli) for at least 10 years and successively refinement in bottle.

This wine is the result of constant engagement in the first stage of the selection of grapes and the patient dedication at every stage of the winemaking, for this reason this wine is produced only in particular years.

…Just think at a beautiful bunch of white grape, nothing else but grape juic aging for years and years in wood waiting for the perfect time to be bottled….



Wine obtained with the best bunches of white grapes 70% Trebbiano Toscano and 30% Malvasia.

Our vineyards: Old Trebbiano and Grotta with cordon spur and Guyot training system.


COLOUR: Intense amber yellow.
BOUQUET: Intensely perfumed with hints of raisins, dried fruit, caramel and honey.
TASTE: Harmoniously blended, soft, intense, slightly sweet.
ALCOHOL: 17,5%


Good meditation wine. Excellent alone or with desserts, dried fruits and pastries. You can try also with some blue cheeses with honey or to make vanilla ice cream tastier.