Chicago -March 4 2019
Taste Italy’s best wines with internationally acclaimed wine critic James Suckling, at the exclusive one-evening-only walk-around wine tasting extravaganza!
Great Wines of Italy Chicago 2019
The Grand Tasting Monday, March 4, 2019, 5pm -8pm (trade included]
Loew’s Chicago Hotel presents Greet Wines of Italy Chicago – The Grand Tasting – on March a at Loew’s Chicago Hotel.

Siamo onorati di presentare le nostre etichette al DITELEGRAPH  a MOSCA insieme alla squadra di  Azbuka Vkusa.
Un intenso e affollato pomeriggio di seminari e banchi di assaggio  insieme a Gambero Rosso International

Castelvecchio was selected by James Suckling for the first edition of the Divino Tuscany event that will celebrate the best Tuscan enological production in Florence from 2 to 5 June 2011. The chosen label is that of Brecciolino.

In finale per controcampo italiano “The Cricket” diretto dal regista toscano Stefano Lorenzicon Biro Unel.Un cortometraggio ispirato ad una storia vera, senza dialoghi ma composto soltanto da suoni e immagini:in un cantiere di un aeroporto internazionale un manovale immigrato, che lavora per pochi soldi, all’improvviso viene turbato da un suono incongruo che lo distrae costringendolo ad una decisione vitale”.Castelvecchio ha sponsorizzato l’evento con il San Lorenzo Bianco Toscano Igt e Numero 8 durante il party di presentazione il 6 Settembre alle ore 20.00 presso la Gervasuti foundation in Vicolo Sant’Anna a Venezia.

Tasting, at 7.00 pm in the Sala degli Specchi of the Odeon theater, of a selection of Argentinean and Tuscan wines reserved for journalists and personalities of the Gobierno de Mendoza and the Florentine environment; among the wines tasting the Riserva Vigna La Quercia Chianti Colli Fiorentini Castelvecchio. Argentine tango show, at 9 pm, with a beautiful performance by the 6 musicians of the Selecciòn Nacional de Tango Argentina and two couples of dancers from Mendoza. “Tango goes where it wants. Enter the ear, reach your heart and get to your legs. “This is how the maestro Ricardo Tito Franquelo recounts the film” Tanguero “by the director Emanuele Persico. And this is actually what you feel when the orchestra sticks to play and touches with the strings of the instruments also those of the soul by Daniela Mugnai blog

Many producers who present themselves during the event, in a “Living Room” that brings the enthusiast to listen closely to the history of the wine and the winemaker, with a glass in hand, so that it is easier to talk, with the undersigned to act as host . Friday 20.00 at Tepidarium – Garden of Horticulture: Filippo Rocchi of the Castelvecchio Farm of San Casciano Val di Pesa presents the Brecciolino and the Number 8. of-leonardo.html

A nice evening with the friends of the SALE THEATER in Florence in via de ‘Macci for the cooking lesson N.0 by Fabio Picchi, our wines were first proposed by Evelina Nappini, then chosen, then hosted and finally tasted during the dinner, while the wines received flattery and approval, we were pampered with delicious tastings. “In that place there are harmony and poetry in every gesture, for a few hours all the participants seem magically united, sometimes some lost soul is put back in line from the voice of Fabio Picchi or from the collaborators who direct the guests like in a dance. There is a kindly hidden concealment that satisfies those who are able to listen, I have always noticed with great respect for the work and the time of all: every time after an evening I returned home in harmony.Thanks !! “Stefania

Happy to have also participated in the second edition of the beautiful event “DIVINO TUSCANY” designed by James Suckling, which continues to make our Florence shine throughout the world.Wine, art, culture, music, food and great passion together to share unique moments tasting excellent Tuscan wines. “Castelvecchio offers a different qaulitative cut to the denomination Chianti dei Colli Fiorentini with strong and concentrated reds, with a good balance and an extraordinary richness” comment by JS

The “Brecciolino” and the “Vigna La Quercia” also present this year at the Mwf 2012 – as a new year we present 2008. For all the days at our table n.182 Lentner room in taste also mini-vertical of the “Brecciolino” 2004-2005-2006- 2007-2008 and preview in tasting vintage 2009.

Also this year we participated in the promotional tour of the CONSORZIO VINO CHIANTI in USA. During the first stage of the tour in NEW YORK on April 16th 2012 at the Grand HyattNew York the year 2010 of CHIANTI SANTA CATERINA was presented by Filippo at the morning seminar in the Manhattan Ballroom then in the afternoon the great tasting also of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2009 and of the RISERVA VIGNA LA QUERCIA 2008.