A nice evening with the friends of the SALE THEATER in Florence in via de ‘Macci for the cooking lesson N.0 by Fabio Picchi, our wines were first proposed by Evelina Nappini, then chosen, then hosted and finally tasted during the dinner, while the wines received flattery and approval, we were pampered with delicious tastings. “In that place there are harmony and poetry in every gesture, for a few hours all the participants seem magically united, sometimes some lost soul is put back in line from the voice of Fabio Picchi or from the collaborators who direct the guests like in a dance. There is a kindly hidden concealment that satisfies those who are able to listen, I have always noticed with great respect for the work and the time of all: every time after an evening I returned home in harmony.Thanks !! “Stefania http://www.edizioniteatrodelsalecibreofirenze.it/