Tasting, at 7.00 pm in the Sala degli Specchi of the Odeon theater, of a selection of Argentinean and Tuscan wines reserved for journalists and personalities of the Gobierno de Mendoza and the Florentine environment; among the wines tasting the Riserva Vigna La Quercia Chianti Colli Fiorentini Castelvecchio. Argentine tango show, at 9 pm, with a beautiful performance by the 6 musicians of the Selecciòn Nacional de Tango Argentina and two couples of dancers from Mendoza. “Tango goes where it wants. Enter the ear, reach your heart and get to your legs. “This is how the maestro Ricardo Tito Franquelo recounts the film” Tanguero “by the director Emanuele Persico. And this is actually what you feel when the orchestra sticks to play and touches with the strings of the instruments also those of the soul by Daniela Mugnai blog